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Lala Land

28 May

Now that it’s almost summertime, I can whip out my bright eyeshadow colors and not feel embarrassed about wearing vibrant shades on my eyes!  I decided to play around a bit with MAC’s La la eyeshadow, but instead of pairing it with the expected pinks and purples, I chose up the “fun” factor by mixing it with  bright yellow gold, Gorgeous Gold, and an orangey-gold, Juiced.

Find out how I did it & see the complete look!:

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Singin’ the Brown Blues

26 May

MAC’s Club eyeshadow is not one that I find myself reaching for often.  Partly because it’s not as pigmented as I wish it were and partly because I find it hard to pair with other colors. Nonetheless, I thought I’d be brave and do a light-handed smoky eye look and play up its neutral brown hue.

Find out how I did it & see the complete look!:

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Dramatically Brash & Bold

18 Jan

My goal was to do a “smoky hot pink” look, but what I got was a super dramatic purple smoky eye look instead.  My mistake?  Thinking that if I started out with a dark base, I could layer hot pink pigment over top to make it “pop” more.  This is the most dramatic look I’ve done, but my fiance and his cousin didn’t think it was “too crazy.”  Those guys might know a little something about overly dramatic make-up, so I’m sticking with their opinion.

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New Year, New Look! & Spring 2010 Trend: Candy-colored Shadow

13 Jan

I am so excited!  Why?  I got a new haircut yesterday, that’s why!  I absolutely love it and am glad I took the leap because I ended up with a very rockerette/modern shag that has totally transformed my entire mood since then!  This ‘do is a dream to style and I took my hairdresser’s advice and put a bit of a wave in it today for a movie night out with the fiance.  It’s been a while since I’ve done a “vibrant” eyeshadow look, so here’s a look using two shadows I hardly use on a daily basis:  Creme de Violet and Satellite Dreams.

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Cranberried Lilac

2 Jan

Star Violet isn’t such an easy shadow to pair colors with.  I’ve made a recent commitment to use colors I don’t usually use, so I decided to brush the dust off and go for it.  Here’s what I came up with:

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