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Graphite Plum

17 May

I had a mini-reunion with some family members whom I haven’t seen in eight years and I wanted to look sophisticated.  I like this look because it’s not too over the top, but it does say “young, mature woman.”  The colors on my eyes are echoed in my blouse and although I try not too match my clothes to my make-up, I chose similar colors.  This look features MAC Sable and Kid eyeshadows.

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Purple Parfait

16 May

Instead of the usual red-toned purples I usually opt for, I thought I’d try something new.  A great cooler-toned purple is MAC Parfait Amour eyeshadow — it made me feel like a sultry ice queen!

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Pretty & Plumful

12 May

After a tough exam last Thursday, I thought I’d revive myself a bit and lay off the “neutral” eye palette I’ve been using.  The solution?  A semi-smoky, notice-me, purple shadow look!

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Starry Violet

8 May

I should go through my palette more often & use the shadows that look like they haven’t been touched.  Star violet is just one of those shadows that I don’t seem to reach for and I can’t even remember when I ever have.  It’s not that it’s an ugly color — it’s really quite beautiful.  Maybe it’s lack of vibrancy doesn’t make it stand out to me.  Nonetheless, I chose an accompaniment of shadows that bring out Star Violet’s purple tones and shimmer.

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Softly Smoldering

8 May

I don’t wear greys often enough, but I love it because it gives off such a soft yet smoldering vibe.  This look’s main impact is given off by Haux’s beautifully muted purple-grey tone.

Here’s how I got the look:

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