Lala Land

28 May

Now that it’s almost summertime, I can whip out my bright eyeshadow colors and not feel embarrassed about wearing vibrant shades on my eyes!  I decided to play around a bit with MAC’s La la eyeshadow, but instead of pairing it with the expected pinks and purples, I chose up the “fun” factor by mixing it with  bright yellow gold, Gorgeous Gold, and an orangey-gold, Juiced.

Find out how I did it & see the complete look!:

All colors from MAC Cosmetics unless otherwise noted:


*        Highlight – Vanilla

*        Inner third – Gorgeous Gold

*        Middle lid – Juiced

*        Crease & Outer third – La la

*        Diffusion of crease + highlight – Orb

*        Top Liner – Blacktrak


*        Highlight – Accentuate

*        Color – Fashion Frenzy (MAC Fafi)

*        Contour – Sculpt


*        Base – Crème d’Nude

*        Where lips meet – Crosswires

*       Gloss – Fashion Scoop


One Response to “Lala Land”

  1. monica tran May 31, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    your blog is beautiful.

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