Black and Gold

2 Jan

I’m baaaaack!  Thanks to a glitch in password resetting, I have been unable to post anything since September!  Whew, it’s been a long while, but to make up for being M.I.A., I have a slew of posts to satisfy your “look” needs.  The first of which is one that I’ve been wanting to try for a very long time.  Without further ado, a look that has been featured on Ginnifer Goodwin:

Brushes you’ll need:

– MAC #’s 214 (short shader brush), 217 (blending brush), 242 (shader brush), 222 (tapered blending brush), Small Angle Brush (263), and 116 (blush brush)

Products you’ll need:

– MAC Eyeshadows in Blanc Type, Copperplate, Smut, Carbon, and Goldmine
– MAC Paintpot in Painterly
– MAC Powder Blush in Tenderling
– MAC Lipsticks in Cherish
– MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

– MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack

Supplemental: – A brow-filling productMascara


[* Cover the entire lid from below the brow to the lash line with Painterly using your finger.
[* Apply Blanc Type to hightlight the area underneath the brow bone (217).
[* Pack on Goldmine onto the middle of the lid steering clear of the tear duct area (242).
[* Apply Goldmine to the middle of the lid, blending it with Da Bling (242).
[* Sweep Copperplate from the outer corner of the lid to almost all the way across the crease, blending it with Goldmine (222).
[* Darken the outer V with a small amount of Smut, blending with Copperplate (222).

[* Further darken the outermost part of the lid (where your crease ends) with Carbon (222).
[* Adding more Blanc Type onto your brush, blend through with the colors at the crease (217).
[* Line the upper lash line with Blacktrack (263) and the lower lash line with Graphblack.

[* Line the lower lash line with Goldmine (242).


[* Apply Tenderling to the apples of the cheeks (116).


[* Make the eyes the only focus and apply Cherish to lips.

Additional finishing steps: [Fill in eyebrows using MAC’s #208 Angled Brow brush and MAC Eyeshadows in Charcoal Brown and Espresso], [Tame unruly brows using MAC Brow Finisher in Clear], and [Darken lashes using MAC’s Plushlash mascara in Plushblack].


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