Post-Op: Kinerase In-Salon Treatment + Blowout

20 May

I successfully made an appointment last week on my first try despite being afraid that everyone would be booked for this fantastically free service. I chose Touch Salon & Gallery of Oakland (2068 Antioch Court, 510-338-7000). The receptionist was friendly enough, but informed me that the blow-out wouldn’t be a ‘blow-out,’ but rather a blow-dry for the purpose of drying my hair. I decided it’d be worth it anyway to get some pampering — boy, did I hit the jackpot. The salon’s name was on the trendy side, but I was pleasantly surprised its the chic and modern decor. Totally unexpected: refreshments on silver platters (strawberries, chocolate candies, cookies, and mimosa’s in the A.M.). Teresa, who is so just the right amount of talkativeness & humor, assessed my hair via a strand test. First, she undid my ghastly ponytail & finger combed through my hair — my scalp: oily, the hair near my scalp: full of elasticity, my ends: lacking in elasticity. The solution: a shampoo to remove the sebum from my scalp & the surrounding hair & a treatment to restore the elasticity at the ends. The shampoo wasn’t as harsh as my current one, which usually leaves my hair in tangles. It was super sudsy and left my hair smelling luscious — I’m still sniffing it now. The elasticity treatment was massaged-in meticulously while we chatted about our travels, wedding plans, & job hunting. After a long and thorough blow-out with a Marilyn boar bristle brush that I must get my hands on soon, Teresa graciously offered to trim my bangs (my bangs weren’t cut as short as I wanted by my regular guy).

All in all, I was sad when it ended, but I could see and feel that my hair was in such great shape — I might never wash it again, just kidding. The receptionist was curt and I had to ask for the little slip of paper identifying which products were used on me. Apparently, even though they’re addressed to me, the consumer, the salon collects these for reference. I’ll definitely keep Teresa in mind for future cuts & maybe even my wedding ‘do.

[* Came with: oily, unwashed hair in a tight ponytail, & bobby pinned bangs
[* Left with: a new friend/contact in the beauty industry, hair full of volume and shine, perfect bangs, and a 40% off coupon for services over $70

[* What I had done:

– Reconstructing: Express Ritual: Concentre Vita-Ciment — fortifies hair’s internal structure (a $35 value)
– Blow Out ($50-$75 value)

[* Products used:

Resistance/Volumactive/Age Recharge
– Treat: Care Volumactive
– Protect: Mousse Volumactive

– Bain Divalent


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