Windy Weather Blues

30 Apr

This post may be lacking in pictures, but I hope I make up for it in the details. I was in such a hurry that I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted & the shimmer of the silvery blues made it nearly impossible to photograph them accurately. This look, as a result of my rush, is also extremely quick to complete. Hope you enjoy nonetheless!

Brushes you’ll need:

– MAC #’s 214 (short shader brush), 222 (tapered blending brush), 242 (shader brush), and 116 (blush brush)

Products you’ll need:

– MAC Eyeshadows in Vellum, Vex, Nylon, Zonc Bleu, Moon’s Reflection, and Plumage
– MAC Powder Blushes in Shimmersweet and Pinch O’ Peach
MAC Lipstick in Hug Me
– MAC Technakohls in Graphblack and Brownborder

Supplemental: – A brow-filling productMascara


[* Highlight the inner corner of the eye with Nylon (242).
Highlight the brow bone with a mixture of Vellum and Vex (242).
[* Apply Zonc Bleu to the inner two thirds of the eyelid (242).

Darken the outer V slightly with Plumage (swipe a very small amount with your brush) (222).
[* Line the upper lash line with Brownborder.
[* Line the lower lash line with Moon’s Reflection (214) and Graphblack.


[* Mix Shimmersweet and Pinch O’Peach together and apply using a figure 8 pattern onto the apples of the cheeks blending upward toward the hairline (116)


[* Apply Hug Me to the lips to complete the icy look.

Additional finishing steps: [Fill in eyebrows using MAC’s #208 Angled Brow brush and MAC Eyeshadow in Charcoal Brown], [Tame unruly brows using MAC Brow Finisher in Clear], and [Darken lashes using MAC’s Plushlash mascara in Plushblack].


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