Fave Five: Matte Shadows

18 Apr

Here are my top five favorite matte-textured MAC eyeshadows in no particular order:

Blanc Type
[* my “go-to” highlighting shade for below the brown bone
[* immediately brightens the eye and can be used with almost every shadow family

[* paired with browns or purples, Haux is a versatile day to night color
[* a neutral with just a hint of color — not one of those “definitely purple” or “definitely tan” shades, it enhances the shape of the eye without being loud

[* a must-have when doing a dark and smoky eye [in the outer crease or smudged along the upper lash line]
[* a subtler-than-black pencil liner option

[* the perfect color for filling in brows
[* great for darkening the outer crease in warm-toned looks
[* a super-subtle, yet still defining eyeliner color

Soft Brown
[* used most predominantly as a crease color, it allows you to pair extremely light and dark shadows together by providing an “in-between” shade
[* the perfect light-to-medium shade in a neutral or warm-toned look
[* use as a wash to draw attention to your eyes when you’re too lazy to do an all-out shadow look


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